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Why choose a career at Kagan Binder?

Company Culture and Expertise

The size of our firm allows our attorneys to have both the resources and the flexibility necessary to provide the highest quality legal work and the highest levels of service and attention to all our valued clients.  We view every client relationship as a long-term partnership between the firm and the client, working in concert toward the common objective of obtaining the best possible intellectual property protection.  Our clients’ successes are viewed as our firm’s success. 

We understand that exceptional talent is the driving force behind our success. As a leading intellectual property law firm in the Twin Cities metropolitan area focusing on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, we offer a dynamic and collaborative work environment that empowers our team to thrive. Here's why attorneys should consider choosing a career with us:

Cutting-Edge Work in Diverse Technology Sectors:

Engage in Meaningful Work:  Join a team that works on the forefront of technological advancements across a variety of industries, from biotechnology to electronics. Contribute to protecting innovations that shape the future.

Special Expertise:

Focus on Intellectual Property:  Be part of a firm where intellectual property is not just a practice area but a passion. Our specialized expertise in patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets allows you to delve deep into the intricacies of IP law.

Collaborative and Inclusive Culture:

Teamwork and Collaboration: Thrive in a culture that values collaboration and encourages teamwork. Work alongside experienced attorneys, patent agents, and legal professionals who are passionate about mentorship and knowledge sharing.

Global Impact:

International Reach: Be part of a firm with a global perspective. Contribute to cases that have international implications, providing you with the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects and broaden your legal expertise.

Professional Development:

Continuous Learning: Benefit from a commitment to professional development. Engage in ongoing training and education programs to stay at the forefront of legal trends and technologies.

Innovation and Creativity:

Encourage Creativity: Embrace an environment that encourages innovative thinking. Whether you're passionate about legal strategy, technology, or business development, there's room for creative expression in your legal career.

Work-Life Balance:

Balancing Excellence and Well-Being:  Achieve a balance between professional excellence and personal well-being. Our firm values work-life balance, recognizing that a healthy and fulfilled team is essential for success.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits:

Rewarding your talent:  Receive competitive compensation and benefits packages that reflect your skills, experience, and commitment to excellence.

Broad Client Base

Our firm was founded over twenty years ago and has grown steadily to now serve clients of all sizes around the globe, including startups, small and mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 companies that are based locally, elsewhere in the United States, and internationally. 

Diversity: Patent Pathways

We are proud and appreciative of the opportunity to join Patent Pathways as a law firm partner.  Patent Pathways has a crucially important mission to build a more inclusive environment for racially diverse women in the field of patent law.  We very much support this mission and want to directly make a difference.  Through our involvement with Patent Pathways, we can provide young professionals with valuable job experience, mentorship, and a supportive environment that builds a solid foundation for long-term success in the intellectual property field.    

By actively supporting and promoting the young professionals participating in the Patent Pathways program, we create a workplace that celebrates and fosters inclusivity.  We know that the program will have a significant, positive impact on not just the young professionals who work with us, but also on our firm and the patent profession as well.   

Career Inquiries

We do not have any posted positions at this time, however, we are accepting applications and general career inquiries from qualified patent attorneys and patent agents.