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Technology Agreements

Protecting Innovation Through Strategic Deal-Making

At Kagan Binder, we understand that safeguarding your intellectual property is paramount in the world of business agreements. Our firm has deep experience and expertise in preparing and negotiating agreements that serve as indispensable protection tools in the dynamic landscape of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and contractual know-how.

Global Reach

Intellectual property agreements are not just legal documents; they are the backbone of successful collaborations. At Kagan Binder, we recognize their significance as indispensable protection tools when working with employees, consultants, suppliers, customers, other companies, universities, governments, and associations across the globe. Our expertise extends beyond borders, ensuring that your intellectual assets are shielded in business interactions all over the world.

Preserving Competitive Edge Through Experience and Expertise

If you stumble with your agreements, your technology and competitive edge are at risk. Kagan Binder attorneys are seasoned professionals with a proven track record in negotiating and drafting complex licensing, product development, and technology-related agreements. We understand that these agreements are not just paperwork; they are the foundation of your strategic initiatives and market positioning. Kagan Binder attorneys are experienced in negotiating and drafting a wide range of intellectual property agreements, including the following:

  • Nondisclosure agreements 
  • Consulting agreements 
  • Material transfer agreements  
  • Patent licensing agreements 
  • Copyright license agreements 
  • Trademark license agreements 
  • Patent, trademark, copyright, and/or trade secret acquisition/assignment
  • Software agreements
  • Joint research and development agreements 
  • Clinical trial agreements 
  • Toll manufacturing agreements 
  • Common interest agreements 
  • Covenants not to sue 
  • Settlement agreements 
  • Technical supply agreements 
  • Equipment leasing agreements
  • Letters of guarantee

Meticulously Crafted Agreements

In the fast-paced world of intellectual property, ensuring the protection of your innovations when doing deals is not just a legal necessity; it's a strategic imperative. Kagan Binder can help you secure success through meticulously crafted agreements that integrate legal, business, and technical knowledge.  If you need help with your technology and intellectual property-based agreements, contact Kagan Binder to learn more.

Our Team

Our team is the champion of your creativity, innovation, and new ideas.

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