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Library: Portfolio Development and Administration

Case Law Developments Impacting License Law Practice

Presented to MNCLE January 31, 2020: Unlike patent infringement cases that funnel into the Federal Circuit on appeal, license appeals are heard in state and federal appeals courts all over the country. The result is that license cases are more ...

Frequently Asked Questions About Trademarks

These are some of the common questions and answers related to trademark services. However, each client's situation is unique, and specific inquiries may vary based on their needs and circumstances. At Kagan Binder, we are equipped to provide ...

How to Recognize Invention

Not intuitive, Myths v. Truths, Powerful perspective, "Harvest" inventions, Select best for patenting, Super harvesting. Download the Presentation

Joint Development Agreements

Many view joint development agreements as the most complicated type of IP agreement. New developments in statutes and case law are adding to that complexity – causing us even to question and revise the basic practices that have, for decades, guided ...

Patents are Different from other IP

Patents are different from other Intellectual Property. Unique characteristics, Good and bad, Valuable, Why have a patent system? Download the Presentation

Pitfalls When Commercializing Products Developed From Joint Research.

Joint development agreements often contain supply terms by which one party agrees to sell products to the other party. Those products might already exist or might exist after some joint development. Supply terms in a joint development relationship ...

Prosecution Pitfalls

Patent Therapies: Prescriptions for Healthy Patents. Key prosecution mistakes you must avoid. Success strategies show winning prosecution principles. Download the Presentation

Strategic IP Planning

Myth v. truth, Planning scope, Strategic patenting plan, Sample IP harvesting plan. Download the Presentation